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Possum Riot - Toolangi VIC

Discussion in 'Australasia' started by mesh3es, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Come to “POSSUM RIOT – Environmental, Music and Arts Resistance Festival” in Toolangi State Forest.
    Five action packed days of music, circus acts, cabaret performances, camping, tree climbing and rope skill shares, workshops, D.I.Y stalls, a film night, food and more! 20th - 24th September

    Enjoy Toolangi State Forest while it still stands!
    For too long, the Victorian State Government has been selling off our native forest. The last great forests on the North Western edge of the Central Highlands of Victoria are almost gone! Native forest that survived the devastating Black Saturday fires, is being wood-chipped and sold to multi-national pulp giant Nippon, to make Reflex copy paper! Forest dependent species are clinging onto what little forest they have left, as native wildlife populations plummet and natural habitat is plundered! This area is home to the critically rare Leadbeaters possum as well as other native wildlife that managed to escape the black Saturday fires making this area “the last sanctuary”.

    Bush fires don't destroy forests, logging does!
    Join us as we protect and celebrate this spectacular forest while it still stands!

    What to bring?
    -Warm wet weather gear, torch, tent, toilet paper, paint, banners, costumes, instruments, camera!
    -Food Not Bombs will be providing food, but bring extra! BYO water supply and any personal dietary requirements.

    We encourage our community to come to Toolangi and discover a connection with the land, to witness the devastating environmental impacts of logging native forests and to take actions to defend the last sanctuaries before it's too late.

    Come and have a POSSUM RIOT x

    Bands: Putkah, Diploid, The Year of Scummary, Carly Fern, Mob Queens, Goonbag Colostomy, Uruk High, Karl Cossa, Split Teeth, The Flying Rats, Jumpin' Jack William, Judy Judy Jailbird and the Rebel Lioness, Vivisektion, Pataphysics, Improvident Mass, Last Measure, Sick Sad World, Rogue Elephant, Jack Goodlet, Kenny Cornflakes, Whipped Cream Chargers, The Bigs, Tiger Balm, Awsk, Humans as Animals, Gas Fueled Shit Machine, Kidney 3 - The return of Groovy Baker, Bad Taste, Brendan Murry, HNV, Zucchini Clan, Coco Velu, the Sword swallowing freak Samora Squid PLUS "Possum Chainsaw Spectacular" Cabaret, Circus Sideshow and more!!!!!!!!!


    check out this forum for lifts closer to the date :)