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New Aussie Punk

Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by Dean Evans, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. Dean Evans

    Dean EvansNew Member New Member




    Mar 19, 2021
    Victoria, Australia 
    hello all, ive only recently decided to fully commit to being punk, though im still looking for the sub-genre i belong to. so please be kind, im learning.

    im 33 and currently live in Geelong, Victoria. ive never been much of a muso in the past but im sure as hell trying. im looking to start going to gigs when the world opens up a bit more, if anyone in VIC, SA or NSW is kicking about id love to chat, im extremely lacking in punk friends, by that i mean i have none at all. if theres an active community around id love to be pointed in the right direction

    the more i dig through punk bands, as well as the sub-genres, the more i realize ive actually liked this shit for a long time, i just didn't much know what i was listening to. for me it all started with the skate punk and pop punk of the early 2000s, though back then i thought it was all just rock, to a young teen growing up in a family that didnt care for the sound, everything heavy is rock. started with bands like Offspring, Living End, Linkin park. then moves off into the newer pop punk sound, as well as branching off closer to metal with SOAD and Slipknot. didnt really know what i wanted to listen to back then.

    drifted around a lot before i found myself here, finally committing to a group ive always quite admired, both aesthetically and attitude wise. ive always had an extremely negative self image, problems with depression and within the last 6 or so years, some hardcore anxiety.

    so fuck it. im doing this now, im gonna dress loud and im gonna feel damn good about it. who gives a shit if people stare

    im always open for music recommendations so far im enjoying the cleaner classic bands, Clash, Ramones, DK ect. then by extension i enjoy the cleaner modern stuff too, though not too clean.
    so feel tree to throw some bands at me, i appreciate it

  2. pogo pope

    pogo popeActive Member Uploader Forum Member




    Mar 17, 2021
    Brittany, France 
    G'day mate! (Sorry, couldn't resist. Feel free to strike back with french clichés haha)

    Welcome to the forum, hope you'll find what you're looking for here.

    The first band I can think of that comes from around Melbourne and that is still active (or at least was still active at the beginning of the pandemic) is Enzyme. Don't know if you'll like it, it's quite different than the bands you mentioned, dirtier and noisier, but here's a bandcamp link to their 2019 LP :
    Howling Mind LP, by Enzyme

    Anyway, welcome again!

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