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Melbz & Syd (AUS) LASNET Upcoming Events

Discussion in 'Australasia' started by butcher, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009
    7 pm FRIDAY, November 19 @ LASNET Space, Basement Trades Hall
    Multinational Mining: The Impact in Latin America. Indigenous Displacement & Killing Workers.

    We invite everyone to come to our space to hear a night of discussions on the adverse impacts of multinational mining practises.

    Speaking will be:
    Wilman Palmezano, representative of the Wayuu Indigenous community fighting to maintain their ancestral claims to their land which they have been forceable displaced from for the Cerrejon open cut coal mine project.

    Jaime Deluquez, representative of the SINTRACARBON (mine workers union representing workers at the Cerrehjon mine) & the CUT (Central Workers' Union).

    Miguel Suarez, Public relation officer from Mining Workers federation from Chile.

    Freddy Sepulveda, treasurer of the SINALTRAINAL (food & agricultural industry workers' union).

    7 pm, TUESDAY, 23 November @ LASNET Space
    The MST: Landless Workers' Struggles in Brazil

    A night of discussions on the MST, key speaker will be from Paola Masiero, a representative of the MST.

    26-27 November, Unions NSW
    Latin American, Australian & Asia Pacific Solidarity Gathering
    -Defending workers and Indigenous Rights-

    A weekend conference, I'm not 100% sure as to the form it will take, I assume it will look like our Melbourne leg, however I didn't organise the Sydney one, so not sure.

    However, we've got the following speakers in town:
    Jaime Deluquez, COLOMBIA CUT representative and Miners Coal Workers Union from Cerrejon (BHP-Billiton in Colombia)
    Wilman Palmezano, Wayuu Indigenous Community from COLOMBIA affected from BHP mining complex in the Guajira
    Fredy Sepulveda, SINALTRAINAL (Food and Agro-Industry Workers Union from COLOMBIA
    Miguel Suarez, Public relation officer form Mining Workers federation from CHILE
    An Indigenous representative from Mapuche indigenous communities from CHILE (currently we've got visa issues, so can't confirm names atm)
    Paola Masiero from Workers Landless Movement (MST) from BRAZIL
    Cristina F. Torafing, from KMU from PHILIPPINES.
    Clive Porabou, Representative of the BOUNGANVILLE people fighters against Rio Tinto
    AUSTRALIA, Barbara Shaw,NT anti-intervention campaigner, a resident of Mt Nancy town camp and spokesperson for the Intervention Rollback Action Group.Acitivists.
    Representatives from Australia Trade Union Movement.

  2. butcher

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    Sep 8, 2009

    Please note Friday's event is now at:
    LHMU Vic Branch Offices
    Ground Floor, 117-131 Capel Street
    North Melbourne VIC 3051