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Limp Wrist - Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography - 2004 (Punk LGBT)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by punkmar77, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    82.9 MB file on MEGA


    Track List:

    1. What's Up With The Kids
    2. Stabbed In The Back
    3. Punk Ass Queers
    4. Rainbows
    5. Recruiting Time
    6. Define
    7. I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore
    8. Secrets
    9. Cruisin' At The Show
    10. Smear The Fear
    11. You Ain't That Fierce
    12. Back In The Days
    13. Relatives Got Nerve
    14. Cheap Art
    15. Limp Wrist
    16. Limp Wrist Vs. Dr. Laura
    17. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
    18. Brotherhood
    19. Thanks
    20. We Started This Band To Get Dates
    21. OD'd On Pop
    22. Give Me A Fuckin' Break
    23. Man To Man
    24. No Choice
    25. Twelve Years Of Church
    26. A Message To The President
    27. Angry Queen
    28. The Ode
    29. Complex
    30. Does Your Daddy Know?
    31. This Ain't No Cross On My Hand
    32. Limp Wrist
    33. I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore
    34. Recruiting Time
    35. Stabbed In The Back
    36. Thanks
    37. Brotherhood
    38. Secrets
    39. Define
    40. Cheap Art
    41. No Choice
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    Limp Wrist Biography

    Limp Wrist is a hardcore punk band featuring members of Los Crudos, Hail Mary, and Kill the Man Who Questions.

    Referring to their style of hardcore punk music, the band declared in Frontiers Newsmagazine, “We put the ‘core’ back in homocore”. Their first recording was the self-released demo Don't Knock It Till You Try It. This was followed by a single called “What’s Up With The Kids” and then the self-titled LP Limp Wrist. However, since band members lived in different states maintaining the group became difficult. After an interlude they resumed touring in 2004 and self-released a new CD, Thee Official Discography the same year. The song “Ode” from this recording pays tribute to pioneering gay hardcore musicians Gary Floyd of The Dicks, Randy “Biscuit” Turner of Big Boys and Joshua Plague of Mukilteo Fairies and Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live, providing a historical context for Limp Wrist.

    The band’s best known song is “I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore”, which received much attention from fans and press alike. Lead singer Martin Sorrondeguy appears in "Queercore: A Punk-u-mentary" by Scott Treleaven and addresses the issue implicit in these song titles, what some might view as the apparent struggles of being both queer and being involved in the punk scene.

    In 2004 Sorrondeguy released his own documentary film, "Beyond The Screams: A U.S. Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary." He had begun the film while still a member of his former band Los Crudos.

    The band continues to perform and self-release records including the Want Us Dead 7" in 2006, featuring the songs Fake Fags and Want us Dead and a one-sided 12" in 2008 featuring Spun, and Bought Out.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.
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    Oct 8, 2009
    awesome! thanks mar
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    Sep 14, 2010
    band is sick. i have the whats up with the kids 7".

    i have never been able to see them though :(
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    Can't download
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