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Intendente Fernando Echeverría no autoriza nueva marcha contra HidroAysén.

Discussion in 'Política y crítica social' started by Burn1ng, May 23, 2011.

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Santiago, Chile. 23 de Mayo.

    El intendente de la región Metropolitana, Fernando Echeverría, no autorizará una nueva marcha convocada para este viernes diciendo que "Para hacer una marcha en las condiciones como la que fue el viernes pasado, no va a haber autorización" amenazando con que, de realizarse la convocación, "Si ellos se juntan igual, vamos a restablecer el orden nomás", sólo esta dispuesto a que se haga la manifestación de día en el Parque O' Higgins, el cual está considerablemente lejos de la Moneda.

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    Santiago, Chile. May 23rd

    The governor of the Metropolitan region, Fernando Echeverria, will not authorize a new march organized for this friday saying that "To make a march in the conditions such as the one done last friday, there won't be authorization" threatening that if the organizers proceed with the march, "If they still gather anyway, we'll just restore order", he's only willing to let the manifestation be done during the day at the O' Higgins Park, which is considerably far from La Moneda (main government building where the president works).

    So what's happening is that the fascist government of Sebastían Piñera won't let people in Chile protest against a horrible project that threatens to sink a substancial part of the Chilean Patagonia, and they're doing so by scaring people into thinking that in the future the country will suffer an energy shortage and the people who voted on the project had interests compromised.

    Needless to say the the local media supports the project, even showing advertising spots in favor of HidroAysen.

    I really hope we can stop this...