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How do you start a mutual aid network?

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Singe, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. Singe

    SingeExperienced Member Experienced member

    I'm Zulu and I live in South Africa, I've been watching a lot of lefttube and reading up on anarchism and have learnt that the best way to fight the system is by making it obsolete by helping out your community through mutual aid networks, but they don't exist in South Africa(based on what I've found on the Internet) so I want to start one, but I don't know how please help me.

  2. Ominous-Cryptid

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    It really depends on your situation!

    Honestly one of the better ways (in my opinion) is to get out and start with yourself, and more people will come! If you have the funds you could put together a mutual food bank/fridge, stock it, and leave flyers with info to help keep it going. Buy Nothing boards on Facebook are another option (sorry if this info is irrelevant, I'm US based).

    One of the *best* ways though, is to start with your neighbors and local community. Help people out when you can, get to know your neighbors! Even if you aren't the closest get to the point where they would be willing to help you out in a pinch. Find out what people wish they had, find a place to build that community. Childcare, education, food and water; these are all things that people need and may lack. As you get to know your neighbors and community you can help connect people. One person might be needing help with food and you know someone who would be willing to help - you can put them in touch!

    Another thing to look into is the concept of 'Third Spaces' - it's basically a place that you can enjoy that isn't work or home. They often bring communities together by making a place where people can exist without having to pay for it.

    Hope this helps give some basic ideas!
  3. Singe

    SingeExperienced Member Experienced member


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