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Feeling bad for being a vegeterian.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DisgorNoise, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. DisgorNoise

    DisgorNoiseNew Member New Member




    Aug 6, 2020
    Crete, Greece Greece
    So I have been vegeterian for 5 months now with the goal if being vegan.
    The thing is that I don't think i can yet achieve veganism at this point of my life yet, thus I feel bad for consuming dairy products.

    I surely feel better as an anarchist not eating meat as it was hypocritical for me to be eating meat, but for me it's just as hypocritical consuming dairy products.

    What's your opinion?

  2. EllsieMae

    EllsieMaeNew Member New Member




    Jul 28, 2021
    California, United States 
    My opinion is that it is hypocritical to be a vegetarian for ethical reasons, because the dairy industry is arguably worse than the meat industry in terms of long-term animal abuse and exploitation.
    Of course, if it truly is impossible for you to cut out dairy at this time, it's understandable- and since you seem to really care a lot about this issue, I can only assume you're trying your best. Just know that vegetarianism is not an effective boycott of the animal ag industry, as you're still feeding into the same exploitative industry for your animal byproducts.
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