Hongo6:25:53pmI'm fine, chillin' hearing noise!
hatehatehateyou12:14:59amhey hongo what are you doing? find anything good to download lately? [:
hatehatehateyou12:15:31amand thrashnard- i couldnt agree more with the USA being run by corperations, its not new news but its still disgusting
Hongo1:58:54amyeah hatehatehateyou
Hongo1:59:18amif u want and have the time check AWOL - Another Pawn Please
James SxFx2:34:13pmHello Guys
Jelle6:19:52amhey bros
Jelle6:20:17amanyone into squatting?
janedoe14256:59:38pmnot quite.
janedoe14257:00:14pmI'm too lazy for it
Rollingpunk8:41:59amHey Punks, have some one of you a good hint of new or underrated Crust or Hardcorebands?
Oxide8:07:51amGuys, check out Systemfel, they are an underground crust band!
TheRedPirate9:53:28pmAnyone here?
randomdude10:11:32amyeah you still there
randomdude11:59:17amcome on am I the only one here
randomdude11:59:34amno I'm here for you
randomdude11:59:44amjee thanks mate
randomdude11:59:57amno probs comrade
randomdude8:21:27pmthis makes me feel like the forum is desserted
Paczilla4:54:38pmChats still dead
Paczilla4:55:09pmno one is going to saying thing to this so im just going to complain
about nazis
Paczilla4:55:49pmOn second thought no
Paczilla4:56:00pmim just gonna say ello
randomdude7:55:22amhi nazis suck
Paczilla6:13:04amHello random dude
Paczilla6:13:09ami agree
Paczilla6:13:18amfuck nazis
randomdude10:42:41pmhi didn't expext smeone to answer anything new around you
randomdude10:12:40pmyou still there
randomdude7:39:36pmshit this place is deader than a lab rat
Vulture8:25:53pmI want some riot music... anyone know any? All I have so far are Brixton and I Wanna Riot by Rancid.
decol12:38:44pmhi all
decol12:43:48pmam I barking at the moon? dont be hikikomori ya all
Disaster House9:37:23pmhey anyone on here?
Disaster House9:37:37pm???
Disaster House9:39:27pmLooking for a place to post a add for membership in a punk house. Where would be my best place to start?
StegoSaurus7:37:39pmSo long time since I have lasted visited APN, how I have missed hanging out on this website haha
Vulture5:55:17pmhey Steg
JazInksane11:11:17pmhappy new fucking year, fucking genocide world. jazinksane
Havran7:24:18pmDAAAAAAAMN! It's Stegs hi dude where have you been?
StegoSaurus5:46:05pmIve been around lol.
Spike, one of many2:23:55amStegs !
What a coincidence... i just happened to be browsing the forum after a long absence myself. I've been wondering what's become of Stegs.
Spike, one of many2:26:32amdamn.. my finger slipped on the enter key Anyway, good to see you're still around.
Good to see you too Havran.. T@ke c@re
randomdude11:34:40pmhey anyone here
do not know if there's anyone there , But I wanted to take to disclose my band PESTI straight from Brazil thanks
randomdude6:28:06pmanyone on?
DanniDirt10:53:53pmhey im alive
Vulture9:40:16pm@b0rg35 - The music is great, your voices are hardly audible though:/
smol w angst2:47:56pm im writing an essay and need the names of racist bands ? someone help
smol w angst2:50:39pmif anyone knows of any
KnucklesAreIdlePlaythings8:42:19pmwho knows if this might help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listofneo-Nazibands . try cross-referencing the band-names with other sources. Maybe it's something useful, maybe it's shit, I don't know.
KnucklesAreIdlePlaythings8:43:00pm..and good luck with the essay (:
smol w angst12:09:53amthanks!
Maay Dalle7:49:38pmOla ?
Henk123456710:31:46pmSo true
Havran9:09:13amYooo '
Havran9:09:24am'sup people haven't been here for a long time...
Rollingpunk8:26:01pmHey Havran
cimeng11:25:07pmheyy guys
cimeng11:54:07pmhey guy
beerskiller9:57:39amoi oi
beerskiller12:28:09pmany people still alive?
JazInkZane11:58:55amhey! this is one of the greatest forums! break the asshole of the nazi, kill em all. if u really knows what is anarky about u can`t say that it is not the natural way... if u fear it then is because u cant understand it...
Dofro6:52:13amIs there anybody out there?
Dingoose8:37:12pmbands like bad brains?
THEBLACKNOVA5:47:36amnobody here
Google [Bot]7:12:08amYoooohola
janedoe14257:20:10pmyes, it is natural anarchy, and when you understand it, you realize how all araound you is unnatural. that is what I worry about. how to live this life in this society when you think its not natural.
aSeaOfBugs11:55:44amdeath to false hugs
aSeaOfBugs11:55:55amnoem sayn?
punkfiend718:06:01pmhi everybody, 1st time in here
punkfiend718:08:16pmi;m lookin for rare and o.o.p. cds , know where ti find em
EgoistCommunist12:39:59amWhat do ya`ll think of Feral Faun?
Spike, one of many12:41:31pmHappy new year all! No doubt it'll be another shitty one for many, but
all the best to you guys
Havran1:32:57pmYooooooo Spike, dude! 'sup? i still have to reply to your email, haha i suck so much
Spike, one of many7:52:52pmHey yo, wasuuuuup! ah, take your time mate, there's no rush...
SpillTheBeans10:54:11amAus-Rotten YEAH!
Spike, one of many1:38:02pmyep yep
SpillTheBeans4:42:27pmSo broken, this chat box; it's challenging and fun ;D
Spike, one of many7:56:33pmhahaha, there are few things that beat it ;p But I wish more ppl would use it..
SpillTheBeans8:44:03pmI quite agree. Also because it's very accessible. Well, all we can do is our part ;D